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Searching SureBetBookies

Accessing the information in SureBetBookies is done by requesting a list of bookmakers based on specific criteria, or it is done by selecting specific bookmaker(s) and indicating what information you would like to see about those bookies. These two search functions are presented as 'Search for Bookies by criteria' and 'Select Bookies to Compare'

Searching For Bookmakers Which Meet Specific Criteria...

To use this search function you simply have to select a few check boxes according to what you are interested in. First set of options are about funding methods and each selection adds more results to your search. The second set of options is about limiting the results you have to bookmakers used by selected sure bets alert services. The third option is currently just to remove any bookmakers which don't accept US citizens. The fourth section isn't for the search at all, but is about what will be displayed in your results. There is so much information in the SureBetBookies database that it can't all be easily displayed. The solution to that problem is to display certain information in groups. So we have split the data into 4 tpyes, general info, general rules, sure bets alert services, and funding methods.


So, to start with, figure out what funding methods you are interested in. If you want to fund all of your bookmakers with Moneybookers, than only select the moneybookers check box. If you want to use Neteller and Moneybookers to fund your books, then tick both. If you don't want ot use either, then select 'other' and make sure your displayed results (fourth section) include 'other' under the check box "Deposit & Withdrawal Information" so that you can see all of the other metehods of deposit and withdrawal available for each bookmaker displayed. If you do select 'Other' in the first section, then all of the bookmakers in the database will be included because all bookmakers have some form of funding outside of Neteller, Moneybookers and E-Gold. As such, any ticks in any of the other 3 boxes become irrelevant as each selection will only add more results to your search.


In the second set of options you can limit the results you have selected in the first section to one or more sure bets services. In general most people who want are placing sure bets will use one, maybe two alert services. Thus all of the bookmakers in all of the other alert services are meaningless to them. You can really only use the bookmakers which your alert service tells you to go to. So if you are using SportsPunter for your sure bets, and you are only using Moneybookers to fund your bookmaker accounts, then so far you should only have selected Moneybookers in the first section to get all bookmakers which use Moneybookers, and then select SportsPunter in the second section to remove all bookmakers which aren't used by sportspunter. This would result in showing you all of the bookmakers used by sportspunter which accept moneybookers, a result precisely tuned to your circumstances. The more alert services you select the more bookmakers which will be included in the results, however if you leave them all blank, it will include all bookmakers by default. So if you are still trying to figure out which alert service to use, you may not want to limit this section at all and ensure the final results displays the 'Alert Services' field so that you can browse through which alert services use which bookmakers.


The third section is straightforward. US citizens should always select this box so they don't waste their time looking at all of the sportsbooks which won't allow them to join anyway. Anyone not in the US probably shouldn't bother selecting this option because it has no impact on them.


And finally, the display options. First point to be noted, is that the display has no affect on the search. So if you only want to see bookmakers who accept Moneybookers, you don't have to display the moneybookers info in your results for that search function to work. You only need to choose the moneybookers deposit and withdrawal information display option if you actually want to see the Mopneybookers details. Each of the display options, 'General Sportsbook Information', 'General Sportsbook Rules', 'Alert Services', and 'Deposit & Withdrawal Information' will be gone into more detail below in the Display explanation. In summary though, General information covers an average rating for the bookmakers, a count of all of the alert services which use each bookmaker, other names for each bookmakers, who owns each bookmakers, whether the bookmaker accepts US citizens, and comments/date last updated. General rules covers the average maximum bet amount, whether the maximum bet is shown before you ahve to submit the bet, any bonuses on offer by the bookmaker, and betting rules for tennis, NHL and MLB. Alert Services simply displays all of the alert services and indicates which bookmakers use which service. Deposit and Withdrawal information provides cost, time taken and minimum and maximum amounts for deposit and withdrawal for each of the funding methods, except for 'other' which is simply a text list of all of the available funding methods.

Comparing Details of Specific Bookmakers...

Using this option it is simply a matter of selecting all of the bookmakers you would like to see the details of, and then selecting what details you would like to view.

Understanding the results

This section will probably never be added. Maybe. We'll see. One day I we revisit this whole site and redo it all.

16 Oct 07
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